Sleedin’ the Sand & Frolickin’ with the Fairy of Mui Ne and a Glimpse of Nha Trang

After the bustling city of Saigon, about four hours away by bus, is Mui Ne. It is an ideal escape; A place with plenty of things to offer such as beaches, fishing harbor, streams, ancient structures, traditional villages and the sand dunes.

Muine was not part of my itinerary at first. Good thing, I changed my mind; scratched Nha Trang and picked Mui Ne. Relax vibe is more my thing. I stayed in Phan Thiet, the coastal area and near the fishermen’s port and village and several attractions, around 20 minutes from proper Mui Ne.

Upon boarding the bus, I got an email from A, with a Subject Line, “Are You still Alive?”

He said, “Bus from hell, tunnel from hell, almost killing yourself”?! Can you talk about flowers and fairies instead, for my peace of mind? Do something fun, yes, but dangerous, no. I don’t trust you. You have the tendency to take risks.”

Hmmm. Fun but not dangerous, maybe, it’s doable. Fairies, on the other hand, challenging. But let’s see. I’m not the type who back down from a challenge.


Places To See

1. Mui Ne Fishing Village

Entrance to a local village where you could see a great view of hundreds of colorful fishing boats moored on the water. A great place also to see the local life and enjoy fresh seafood. Although, while I was there, there was a huge fight between two fishermen. They were hurling angry words (that I could not understand) to each other. The view is certainly colorful.


2. The White and Red Dunes of Muine

Before leaving Ph, I was already excited and eager to try sledding. The red sand is nearer and much smaller compared to the white sand, also busier. Some kids will offer the use of the sled for an exuberant price but just haggle. I had a great fun despite having sand in my mouth and every nook and cranny of my body. It didn’t help that I just came from the beach. Good thing I didn’t clog up the bathroom.


3. Fairy Stream

Well, I certainly fulfilled the fun part request. However, the fairy part was challenging, until I stumbled across this one. I would have missed this place altogether if it wasn’t for some locals who beckoned and pointed this out to me while I was driving around. I asked them how much, and they said, it’s free, and I only need to pay for the parking. I’ve seen a group of German tourists, who pointed out some chicken to me. I didn’t have the heart to dampen their enthusiasm by telling them that I raised chicken while growing up in Ph. So I just nodded and smile. It was serene, having-the-place-almost-all-to-myself walk, plus walking barefoot along the cool stream with fine red sands felt refreshing. Well, it was until I’ve seen the cow grazing and their dung all over the place at the end. But hey, the place looks magical. Fairy seems fit. It felt like I’m frolicking with the fairies indeed and the cows with their dung.


4. Beach, Food and Other Stuff

Well, the beach is not as good as Thailand and here. But I still enjoyed it. I drove around, spoke to some locals, and bought small presents for home.



Some Tip/s

Do not forget your passport. Upon Check-in, passports must be surrendered to the reception. We forgot to get it back. It was only on the bus that we remembered. We talked to the driver, and there was even an English guy who could speak Vietnamese, who offered to call the hotel. Lots of people were quite nice and helpful; I was not so worried. If ever, the hotel could just send it to our next destination. Upon calling, we found out that they already sent someone to follow the bus. That is what I love about Vietnam; The reliability of some services.

If you have the time, there are still plenty of places to check out. Don’t miss them.

Nha Trang

Glimpse is the accurate word. We just have few hours in Nha Trang before boarding the bus for Hoi an. So we passed the time by checking the beach and also finding a place to eat. It is busier compared to Mui Ne, and I’ve understood why people also love the place.






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