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Why is it that every time somebody asks us to describe ourselves, there is a sudden freeze of brain functioning? Well, for me at least. There is a momentary lapse of silence, except for the imaginary sound of crickets in my head. Sometimes, it makes me wonder if I know who I am? Well, for the most part, I certainly do, but moments like this…

Let me try to give you a gist.


I am a…

  1. Dog Mom

It’s not that I don’t like other animals, except for snakes. They are fascinating, but I’m not sure I could like them. I applaud people who like snakes and keep them as pets. It’s just that I could not imagine cuddling them, and I am a cuddler. If they cuddle me, I could just imagine the sound of my bones crunching. Oops, sorry for digressing. I have the tendency to do that.

Oh yeah, I have an adorable tiny sidekick named Oreo. He’ll be tagging along in some of my travels and is usually involved or has a hand in some of my misadventures. It’s one of those, “who needs an enemy” adage… But he is lovable for the most part.

  1. Part-time Traveler

As much as I would like to label myself as a traveler, it would be inaccurate. First, I could not afford to travel for an extended duration due to work and limited financial capacity. A month or two is what I have. But I choose one country to visit for a month. Second, I have a Filipino passport which sorts of limit my options. So Southeast Asia for now or countries where I don’t need a visa. If I can’t go out of the country, I’m traipsing around some islands here in the Philippines. If I am not traveling, I work hard saving. It’s just a matter of priorities. Mine is travel. Therefore, I will forgo the new iPhone 7.

I travel on a budget, scurrying the net for cheap flights, cheap dorms and places I could go where cultures are rich and sights are beautiful and unique. Meeting and interacting with the locals and other travelers, definitely a must.

I travel solo for the most part, but one of the great things about traveling is meeting other travelers who become your travel buddies. You, maybe alone, but never lonely.

There are a lot of travel bloggers out there who have more knowledge. I, on the other hand, would probably be more useful to some Filipinos and other Asians who love to travel but hindered by fear to go on their own and some foreign travelers who would be coming here in the Philippines, for some information.

  1. Voracious Reader, also a Geek.

There is nothing better than being curled up in your bed, under the covers and reading a good book. Need I say more?

I also love comic books, some Sci-fi movies, and philosophy. I enjoy/love mathematics and sciences, but mostly Physics and Chemistry. Plus I teach them. I also have a degree in Engineering (although one I.T. geek on a date, condescendingly commented, “Ah, Science and Math geek” implying that I belong to the lower echelons of geeks). Imagine that. Even geeks have hierarchies.

  1. Coffee Addict, Borderline Glutton, and Occasional Fitness Nut.

I am more at home in coffee shops than clubs. Often, I’m mistaken for someone who loves to party. But if partying means hanging out in a coffee shop with friends or with Oreo, then definitely I am a party girl. But I do like my margaritas.

I have a penchant for great food. However, I draw the line at vegetables. If you want to make me cry, feed me vegetables. I always put them in my cooking, though. I just don’t eat them. But I am trying now. Keyword: Trying. Plus I have someone who sneakily feeds me veggies by hiding it in juices. At times, with a hint of subtlety, other times forcibly. Apparently, I have to live way longer than him. This act is paved with good intentions and lots of sweetness.

Despite the gluttony, I try to keep myself fit. I do eat a lot, but it’s a lot of times in a day as opposed to fit a lot in my mouth. But I might have an idea or two to help you (These, I’ve tested) if you want to keep fit. There was an incident where I suddenly gained lots of pounds. It was hard to lose them, for awhile. So I have learned the struggle. Hard, especially for someone like me who believes she has a fast metabolism. I have had, then taken it for granted. Unfortunately, my inner larger woman wanted to immerse and almost succeeded. Imagine my surprise when my pants didn’t fit anymore. So I’ve learned my lessons.

6. Not an Expert.

Whatever Insights I have, I’ve gleaned from experiences, either mine or people around me, or some geeky books that I’ve read. So you might dismiss me or realize that I do make sense. For the most part.

7. Digresser

If you have noticed, or might see later, I have the tendency to add side stories to some of my stories. But, I can assure you, they are all somewhat related.


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